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Software of Torah and Haftarah of Parshat Bereshit
Ashkenazik Sefarad Vocalization
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     The perfect software for bar mitzvah boys , Torah readers or just anyone that wants to learn to read the Torah with the trup - cantillation notes.  


       Suitable for all ages and levels of Jewish learning.  


       Revolutionary software that makes Bar Mitzvah preparation fun, simple and easy!    


      Recommended by rabbis and educators of all streams               



          To see a video sample of the program in action click here!



       The learning is done with a virtual Tikun Koreim, the book used to learn the reading of the Torah.

       In the first stage the program shows the Chumash with full punctuation and trup (musical notes) while

       you hear the Torah being read by our expert Ba'al Koreh (Torah reader).  When you feel you have  

       learned the Trup you are ready for the second stage. With one click on a button you change your view

       to see the scanned image of an actual Sefer Torah. This allows you to practice reading on a real Sefer

       Torah and learn the reading with maximal efficiency.





  Software Includes:


            A rendition of  Torah and Haftarah of Parshat Bereshit . 


    Learning the Trup (cantillation notes) for both the

            Torah and Haftorah   Including  live examples of each.


           A rendition of the blessings recited both before and after the

              Torah and  Haftarah reading .


          The laws of putting on Tefillin and Tallit according to the

              various  communities.


          Clear explanations of the laws and customs pertaining to

             the Bar Mitzvah 



        You are now preparing for the big day in your

                   child's life.


      This is the day where he will join

                  the adult Jewish   community.


      This is the day where he will be called up

                  and will read from the Torah.


      This is the day that will be engraved in his

              memory as  a major milestone 

                                           in his  Jewish life!


     In the "Bar Mitzvah Guide" software

     we present to you all that is necessary

     to Prepare your child for this joyous occasion.




  Minimum System Requirements:

  Microsoft Windows 98 and up, Processor Pentium 3

 ,Memory -128 MB Ram,CD /  DVD  Drive minimum speed of 48 

 ,(Must be able to read burned & open CD's),

 Video  Card  - 4 MB Resolution 600x800,

 Suggested resolution  - *'78/1024 Sound Card 16 bit & up 


shipping days: 14 days
shipping cost: $ 9

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